Odd Wellness Trends

For my first blog post I wanted to tie in to my topic on this week’s episode (Episode 7: Wait, What?), wellness and the crazy trends that come with it. I was looking in to the craziest trends in wellness in 2018, and a few stuck out to me.


The first was hay bathing, as an asthmatic and hay fever suffer, this sounds like hell. Apparently, the custom of hay bathing comes from Austria and has been practiced by farmers for over 200 years; people noticed that sleeping in hay left the sleepers full of energy and giddy-up. Is it really the hay or the fact that you are napping in the middle of that day that is energizing you? So of course, some spa is selling a nap on “fermented ‘fatty” alpine hay mixed with healing herbs such as arnica, heather and thyme” for $50.  They claim this mixture can rejuvenate your immune system, eased muscle pains, enhanced circulation in the body, and treat obesity. That’s a large claim for napping while covered in dried grass. The thought of sleeping covered in grass is making me itchy.  


The second was weed massages. As many places (including Canada) are legalizing marijuana, spas are picking up on the cannabis buzz by incorporating topical cannabinoids. According to doctors, cannabinoids have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain-killing properties. I know what you are thinking: weed is the wonder drug, it seemingly can treat everything.  I fully believe it is great for many things; however, I’m sceptical that it is the all-purpose cleaner of pharmaceuticals or street drugs. Usually these cannabinoids are incorporated into products like massage oils, hand and body cream, and since they do not enter the blood stream they sadly don’t get you high. With a weed massage, you get a regular massage but using a weed laced oil or lotion.  People who have tried it report a post-coital sense of bliss and muscles relaxed more than after a normal massage. I feel that sometimes in these cases it’s hard to prove the real effect of a product vs. the power of suggestion.

If you have ever tried one of these trends let us know about it.

Thank you for reading, have a fantastic day!!