Your Hosts

We're going to learn a lot together, so let's start by learning a little bit about each other.



Andi was born and raised in Dildo (no joke) and spent many hours commuting back and forth to Spread Eagle Bay (also no joke) to take bag-pipping lessons from a symphony-level master of the ol' windbags.  Andi earns pocket money by raising raccoons to sell as pets.  When angered, Andi's Newfie accent comes out, which Elise finds totally adorable. 


Elise's misspent youth occurred primarily in books, where she learnt to read but not spell until the advanced age of 17.  Now an adult responsible for buying her own toilet paper and Cap'n Crunch, Elise spends her days herding cats and killing plants.  When Elise is punchy, Andi will purposely set her up for 'that's what she said' jokes, which is Andi's favourite thing.