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Episode 61: Puffs and Pips

This week, Andi looks back at the last year of mellowness in Canada, while Elise looks to Andi's past, present and future with her tarot cards.

Andi’s show notes:

Coming soon!

Elise’s show notes:

Playing card (Wikipedia)

Playing Card Facts & Trivia

The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards

10 Most Amazing Facts About Playing Cards

Tarot Cards

10 Fascinating Facts about Tarot

Past Episodes

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Episode 23: Sexual Frustrated Animals (Patreon Sneak Peak)

What do dolphins and trolls have in common? It turns out, they can be real dicks if no one is willing to touch their weens often enough.

Andi’s Show Notes:

Zafar the Sexually-Frustrated Dolphin Shuts Down Beach in France

The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong

How Dolphins Do It in Water…with Weird, Complex Genitalia

On Ecstasy, Antisocial Octopuses Reach Out for a Hug

Elise’s Show Notes:

Incel (Wikipedia)

The Rage of the Incels

What a woman-led incel support group can teach us about men and mental health

Episode 24: Friend's February with Anne from the Chi

This week, we introduce our listeners to one of our newest friends: @AnneFromTheChi, and talk problematic media and celebrity love stories. Join us for the first episode of #FriendsFebruary 2019!

You can find Anne on Twitter at @AnneFromTheChi

And, Anne runs a literary magazine called Cat on a Leash Review (COLR) that you should totally check out! You can also follow the magazine on Twitter at @COL_Review!

Elise’s Show Notes:

Thinking Critically About Problematic Media: A Basic How-To Guide

How to be a fan of problematic things

7 Excellent But Morally Problematic Movies

Popular Problematic Books

Search function on Lyrics.com

15 Most Problematic TV Episodes That Ever Aired

One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale

Andi’s Show Notes:

30 Celebrity Couples You Forgot Were Couples

Janet Jackson (Wikipedia)

Nicole Kidman (Wikipedia)

The Most Annoying Celebrity Couples

Jennifer Lopez (Wikipedia)

Everlasting Love! Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Still Cute on the Red Carpet 30 Years Later

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Unexpected Announcement About Their Relationship

41 Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Together the Longest

The 15 Shortest Celebrity Marriages: A Ranked Guide

Episode 25: Friend's February with Andrew from Just Sell Homes.com

This week, we talk to an old friend: Andrew Fogliato from Just Sell Homes.com. Andi talks Victor Lustig, Elise talks niche social media, and Andrew tells us all about marketing on Facebook (which, not for nothing, is the most interesting part of the show...) Join us for the second episode of #FriendsFebruary 2019!

You can find Andrew’s business on-line here: www.justsellhomes.com. Just Sell Homes helps real estate professionals get real results from their online marketing efforts. Which means Andrew’s kind of an expert on all things Facebook ads….

And if you’re looking for Andrew himself, he’s on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Andi’s Show Notes:

Meet Victor Lustig, The Conman So Smooth He ‘Sold’ The Eiffel Tower — Twice

Victor Lustig Biography, Criminal (1890–1947)

Victor Lustig, the smoothest con man in the world, sold the Eiffel Tower–twice

Elise’s Show Notes:

The History of Social Media: Social Networking Evolution!

There’s Now a Dating Site for Trump Supporters

Good Reads, Line for Heaven, Stachepassions, Vampire Freaks, Ravelry, and Gentlemint

60+ Niche Social Networks Marketers Should Know About

The Pros and Cons of Social Networking

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Episode 26: Friend's February with Amy (aka, the Blonde in the Choir)

This week, we talk to Elise's coworker and buddy, Amy! Andi finally gets to talk to someone who knows music and Elise is so happy for her... Andi covers ear worms, Elise talks classical musicians who were oddballs, and Amy schools us on metal music. Join us for the third episode of #FriendsFebruary 2019!

You can find Amy on her blog, The Blonde in the Choir, singing with the Capital Chamber Choir or with the Aella Choir, or at your friendly local metal show.

And if you’re looking for her on-line, you can check out her Instagram and Twitter, too!

Andi’s Show Notes:

The Science of Earworms, or Why You Can't Get that Damn Song Out of Your Head

Psychologists figure out the science behind earworms

Top Ten Earworms: Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

These 9 Songs Are the World's Biggest 'Earworms': Study

Elise’s Show Notes:

15 badly behaved composers

The most bizzare composer facts

17 Interesting Facts About Classical Composers

The Craziest Facts About Famous Classical Composers

10 Classical Composers with Extreme Eccentricities

John Taylor, oculist (Wikipedia)

10 Crazy Facts About Lisztomania

Episode 27: Friend's February with Allie (aka, Alliushkka)

This week, we talk to Elise and Andi's friend, Allie! Elise talks catfishing, Allie dooms us all while talking AI, and Andi covers defunct social media network. So dust off your Neopets log-in info, and join us for the fourth (and last) episode of #FriendsFebruary 2019!
You can find Allie on-line at her Instagram!

Elise’s Show Notes:

Catfish (2010)

Urban Dictionary - Catfish and Catfishing

The Boy Who Cried Dead Girlfriend

10 Of The Most Shocking And Saddest Catfish Stories Ever

17 Of The Most Insane Catfish Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Andi’s Show Notes:

12 Forgotten Social Networks We've All Abandoned

Vine (Wikipedia)

Death Of Vine Should Be A Lesson To Other Social Media Platforms

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Women's History.png

Episode 29: The Big Place in the Sky

This week's stories are oddly dissimilar, and yet connected by sleep. Elise talks all things Bob Ross, while Andi takes us through various burial traditions, ending with a description of the world's oldest monotheistic religion, Zoroastriansim. It's a good ol' fashion rabbit hole of an episode, people!

Elise’s Show Notes:

Bob Ross (Wikipedia)

The Surprisingly Mysterious Life of Famed Artist Bob Ross

Bob Ross Biography

Bob Ross Inc

How Bob Ross Became Everyone’s Favorite Art Teacher

Can’t Sleep? Let Bob Ross Help You Find Some Happy Little Zzzs

Andi’s Show Notes:

Man's Radioactive Remains Spread Radiation All Over Cremation Chamber

Top 10 Weird Ways We Deal with the Dead

Zoroastrianism (Britannica)

Episode 30: Ladies Who Rock

This week, in honour of Women's History Month, we celebrate awesome women in music and television! Andi walks us through a bunch of female artists that hit home with her, while Elise talks first and big-wigs of the small screen.

Stick around after the episode for a bonus clip that was too good to leave behind the paywall!

Andi’s Show Notes:

The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 842: Modern Guitar Heroes 2–The Women

Moe Tucker (Wikipedia)

Moe Tucker - Snapshots of the Velvet Underground

St. Vincent (musician) (Wikipedia)

St. Vincent Discusses Her New Signature Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar

Billie Holiday (Wikipedia)

Billie Holiday Biography

Björk (Wikipedia)


Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Melissa Auf der Maur

Auf Der Maur, Off The Grid

Sylvia Robinson

Sylia Robinson, ‘Mother of Hip-Hop,’ Getting a Biopic

Elise’s Show Notes:

History of Television

Women who made television history

Tara Butters IMDb

Michele Fazekas IMDB

Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters Ink Big New Overall Deal With ABC Studios

Oprah Winfrey (Britannica)

Shonda Rhimes (Wikipedia)

Television Section of Women and Hollywood

“Derry Girls”: TV Review

Women's History.png
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Episode 33: Around the World

In this week's episode, Elise rejects all things positive and tells you exactly why you should avoid taking a cruise for your next holiday, while Andi looks at the oddity that is the flat-earth movement. We're going *around* the world on this one, folks.

Elise’s Show Notes:

A Brief History of the Cruise Ship Industry

Cruise Industry

15 Reasons You Should Never Take a Cruise

11 reasons you should never, ever take a cruise

7 Things the Cruise Lines Won’t Tell You

15 Awful Reasons Never to Take a Cruise Again

The case against cruises

International Cruise Victims Association

Costa Concordia disaster

Andi’s Show Notes:

Flat-Earthers' Cruise Will Sail to Antarctica 'Ice Wall' at the Planet's Edge. Right.

Are Flat-Earthers Being Serious?

Flat Earth (Wikipedia)

Modern Flat Earth Societies (Wikipedia)

Episode 34: Eccentric Corners of the Internet

This week, we take a look at a couple of corners of the internet are weird, even to us... Andi tackles bio-hackers, while Elise looks at tulpas. What? We know. You'll have to take a listen!

Andi’s Show Notes:

A Man Injected Himself With Semen As A Back Pain Cure And It Didn’t Turn Out Well

A Biohacker Regrets Publicly Injecting Himself With CRISPR

How to Genetically Engineer a Human in Your Garage - Part III - The first round of experiments

Grinder (biohacking) (Wikipedia)

Elise’s Show Notes:

Tulpa (Rational Wiki)

Tulpa (Wikipedia)

What is a Tulpa

Everything You Need To Know About Tulpas In 2019

How to Create a Tulpa

A Creature of the Mind

Self introduction and our progress so far

Daring to Hear Voices

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Episode 35: Pro-tips on 4-20

In honour of this week's high holy day, Elise and Andi take a little trip down two greenery-rich rabbit holes. We talk weird shower thought and a little more Florida man.

Show notes:

Balance Strain by Solei

50 Facts That Will Freak You Out If You Think About Them For Too Long

24 Times Florida Man Inspired Insane Headlines

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Episode 38: The First Rule...

This week, Elise and Andi talk the first rule of secret societies. Elise covers the Illuminati (and NOT the illiminati) while Andi hops in the way back machine for a visit to 1999.

Elise’s show notes:

Illuminati (Wikipedia)

9 questions about the Illuminati you were too afraid to ask

The accidental invention of the Illuminati conspiracy

Illuminati Official Website

Behold, the sci-fi book series that popularized the Illuminati conspiracy

Andi’s show notes:

20 Pop Culture Phenomena That Turn 20 This Year

22 things turning 20 years old in 2019 that will make you feel ancient

20 monumental things that will turn 20 in 2019

Episode 39: Illusions

This week, we're talking all about illusions: the illusion that you're a Russian heiress who will totally pick up the bill the next time, and the illusion that you can be a functioning member of society and study what you love at the same time. We all gotta grow up sometimes, folks...

Andi’s show notes:

10 Clever Female Con Artists

'Fake it until you make it': the strange case of New York's socialite scammer

How Anna Delvey tricked New York’s party people

Elise’s show notes:

Thanatology (Wikipedia)

Thanatology Program (UWO)

Thaumatology (ADIA Project Wiki)

Allan Slaight Chair for the Study of the Conjuring Arts

American Society for Enology and Viticulture

Viticulture & Enology (UC-Davis)

Agnotology (Wikipedia)

The Rise and Fall of Tobacco Control Media Campaigns, 1967–2006

Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

If You Find A Crop Circle, Call A Cereologist

34 Weird (But Cool) College Majors

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Episode 41: Collections

Some people collect things that can (and will and have) kill them, other people collect things to save the planet, and still other people will collect items that make us laugh at them. Listen to this week's episode for a run down of some kooky collections.

Andi’s show notes:

A Giant Bird Killed Its Owner. Now It Could Be Yours.

Giant Bird That Killed Its Owner Heads to Auction

Florida Man - Animals

Elise’s show notes:

Strategic reserve (Wikipedia)

15 Strategic Reserves of Unusual Products

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Fast Facts

Police probing Quebec maple syrup heist worth up to $30-million

UPDATE: More arrests in Quebec maple syrup heist

The world is running out of helium: Nobel prize winner

Episode 42: Purgatives

Bunk. Hokum. Frauds. Humans have a long history of paying for questionable medical treatments, and this week, Elise and Andi explore a few centuries worth of them. All the while, Andi is dying from seasonal allergies.

Elise’s show notes:

Apricot Power products recalled due to risk of cyanide poisoning

A History Of Snake Oil Salesmen

Snake oil for the 21st century

Does the Q-Ray Bracelet Really Work?

FTC: Treating acne? No, there is no app for that

Ads for kids’ supplements didn’t speak the truth

Here’s How A “Poop Cult” With 58,000 Followers Set Off A Facebook War

A Timeline of the Death Allegedly Related to Jilly Juice

Andi’s show notes:

Coming soon!

Episode 43: Guilty (Dis)Pleasures

It's Andi's birthday week! So, on this show, Andi has some fun breaking down the science and history of the game show, while Elise shows how a good a friend she is and tackles Andi's favourite hate-read website, Goop. (And yes, capital-G-goop, because Elise understands basic grammatical rules.)

Andi’s show notes:

Coming soon!

Elise’s show notes:

Health Canada Has Removed These Products From The Goop Toronto Store On Its Opening Day

My Morning Routine: Sex and the Single Cinnamon Roll

Working Girl (Summer) Detox

How to Have Difficult Conversations with Friends

The Unbearable Wrongness of Gwyneth Paltrow

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Episode 44: Legends

Urban legends. Sometimes they are created to scare small 8 year olds on the school bus, and other times they're created by assholes looking to get laughed at by strangers on the internet.

Elise’s show notes:

Urban Legend (Wikipedia)

Drip Drip Drip

The Red Spot

The New Pet

The Expressionless

They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror

Andi’s show notes:

Coming soon!

Episode 45: A Couple of Canuckle Heads

Not sure if we've mentioned this, but we're Canadian, eh? So this week's episode is all about our home and native land, the great white north, home of the greats, dominion of... well, you get the point. Happy Canada Day 2019!

Andi’s show notes:

Coming soon!

Elise’s show notes:

Top 10 Strange Places in Canada

20 Years of the Testicle Festival

Town of Perth – Kilt Run

8 Mythical Canadian Monsters

Why Do Canadians Drink Milk in Bags?

The Whiskey War Is The World’s Friendliest Conflict

Was Canada’s Longest-Serving PM Also Its Strangest?

Sourtoe: The Story of the Sorry Cannibal

Episode 46: Alice and Eurydice

For Elise's birthday, she treats herself to a story about her favourite story, Alice in Wonderland, while Andi regales her with tales from the past and modern tellings thereof. Featuring a squawky bird listening in from outside the studio.

Elise’s show notes:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Sparks Notes)

Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Wikipedia)

Works based on Alice in Wonderland (Wikipedia)

I Had Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Andi’s show notes:

51st Tony Awards (Wikipedia)

Hadestown (musical) (Wikipedia)

Hadestown, a Modern-Day Twist on the Orpheus Story, Among Winners of Richard Rodgers Award

'Hadestown': Theater Review

Hadestown (Wikipedia)

Orpheus and Eurydice (Wikipedia)

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Rabbit only.png
Rabbit only.png

Episode 47: We Have Issues

Yetis. Goldfish. Wanna be Bond villains. Elephants' feet. This week, Andi and Elise give you a round up of some of humanity's worst moments that will leave you shaking your head and asking 'what is wrong with our species?' If you figure out the answer to that question, please let us know.

Andi’s show notes:

Why Is the Indian Army Tweeting About Yetis?

Bigfoot's FBI File Reveals Strange Story of a Monster Hunter and 15 Mysterious Hairs

FBI records: The Vault

Flushed Goldfish Grew to Be Kitten-Size in Niagara River

Scientists Have Created a Sound So Loud It Can Vaporize Water on Contact

Elise’s show notes:

Chernobyl disaster (Wikipedia)

21 Scary Chernobyl Facts That I Don’t Recommend You Read Late At Night

HBO show success drives Chernobyl tourism boom

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Rabbit only.png
Rabbit only.png

Episode 51: Thank You for Being a Friend I Can Outrun

Andi continues her space-nerd ways by filling you in on how you can check out the best, free show in the universe this month, and Elise continues her TV-nerd ways by gushing over one of the best shows ever produced.

Andi’s show notes:

Eyes to the sky for one of the best meteor showers of the year, the Perseids

The cautionary tail of Comet Swift–Tuttle

Comet Swift–Tuttle

Famous Comets

When Will We See Another Bright Comet?

Heavens gate

Elise’s show notes:

The Golden Girls (IMDb)

Notable guest stars in the Golden Girls

15 Pivotal Golden Girls Episodes

St. Olaf Stories

Thank You for Being a Friend (Wikipedia)

The Golden Girls Wiki: Spin-Offs

30 Years Later, ‘The Golden Girls’ is Still the Most Progressive Show on Television

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Rabbit only.png

Episode 55: Dagnabbit

This week, Andi dives into treasure that is Live Science to bring you some of humanities weirdest mistakes, while Elise is liberated from the restraints of keeping it clean to tell you all about cussin'.

Andi’s show notes:

Too Much Karaoke Sent a Man to the Hospital with a Collapsed Lung

A Woman Placed an Octopus on Her Face for a Photo. Then It Bit Her

Men Are Being Warned Not to Eat Lichen Touted as 'Natural Viagra'

Man's X-Ray Reveals His Penis Is Turning to Bone

Elise’s show notes:

Profanity (Wikipedia)

Jay, T. (2009). The Utility and Ubiquity of Taboo Words. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 4(2), 153–161.

Patrick, G. T. W. (1901). The psychology of profanity. Psychological Review, 8(2), 113-127.

The 100 Best Swear Words In The English Language

The surprising origins of your f*cking favorite swear words

The Texas Court of Appeals Reports: Cases Argued and Adjudged, Volume 28

Words You Can’t Say on TV

Samantha Bee Called Ivanka Trump a “Feckless C*nt” Last Night

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Rabbit only.png
Rabbit only.png

Episode 56: Puritan Dolls (aka the one that Andi's Mom should't listen to)

Andi go back to the topic that got us started, Sex dolls and Elise goes way way back to give us a little history lesson on why Andi's topic might make us uncomfortable.

Elise’s show notes:

Puritans (Wikipedia)

English Civil Wars

Puritanism (Britannica)

Who Were The Puritans?

History of the Puritans in North America (Wikipedia)

Andi’s show notes:

Sex Toys and Artificial Intelligence — The Past, Present, and Future

Sex Dolls (Wikipedia)

Sex doll rental business says it's open for door-to-door service in Edmonton

Candy Girl (Wikipedia)

Your Doll

Episode 58: Delusions of Morality

This week Elise falls further down her rabbit hole on shared mania and delusions, while Andi explores some Canadian history around the policing peoples' "morality."

Elise’s show notes:

Folie à Deux – Shared Psychotic Disorder

Folie à deux (Wikipedia)

10 Highly Unusual Examples Of Folie A Deux Or Shared Psychosis

Kaustubh G. Joshi, Richard L. Frierson and Tracy D. Gunter, Shared Psychotic Disorder and Criminal Responsibility: A Review and Case Report of Folie à Trois. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online December 2006, 34 (4) 511-517

Nishihara, Ryan M. and Nakamura, Craig T. (1993) A Case Report of Folie a Deux: Husband-and-Wife. Jefferson Journal of Psychiatry: Vol. 11 : Iss. 1 , Article 9.

Andi’s show notes:

Interview: Making history with Rebecca Liddiard of ‘Frankie Drake Mysteries’

Toronto Police Service (Wikipedia)

Toronto Police in 1870 -1920 Constables as Urban Missionaries

Nostalgia Tripping: Toronto’s Morality Police

Uncomfortable by Halestorm

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Rabbit only.png

Episode 60: A Very Brady Muppet Show

This week Elise takes us back to the best and worst moments of her childhood, and we learn how Jim Henson plays a part in both. Andi on the other hand, has Elise play a game in which the answer was never $4.6 Million, and talks about the very unnecessary Brady renovation.

Elise’s show notes:

Jim Henson (Wikipedia)

Muppet Wiki

Dark Crystal

Labyrinth, 1986 (IMDb)

The Jim Henson Company

Jim Henson Foundation

Andi’s show notes:

Coming soon!


2018 Episodes

Available for download wherever your finest podcasts can be found.

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Episode 8: What’s your Herb of Choice?

Two stories about two plants from Asia, but the side effects are wildly different....

 Show Notes from Andi’s RH:

Cannabis (drug) (Wikipedia)

Canada made marijuana illegal 94 years ago and no one's sure why

Emily Murphy (Wilipedia)

Legal recreational marijuana: what you need to know

Show Notes from Elise’s RH:

Tea and Herbal Association of Canada

UK Tea and Infusions Association

Tea Class

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Afternoon Tea

Fair Trade Canada - About Tea

Elise’s Thesis! (Amazon link)

Halloween Rabbit.png
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Remembrance Day.png

Episode 12: We Remember

Elise and Andi take some time to remember those who fought for their countries around the world and throughout time.

 Show Notes from Elise’s RH:

Florence Nightingale Biography

Nurses in War

Canadian War Brides

Silver Cross Mothers

Show Notes from Andi’s RH:

Military History of Canada

War of Jenkin’s Ear

Top 10 Obscure Wars

Second Boer War

Canada in the Korean War

The Korean War

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Rabbit only.png
wabit (1) (1).png
Rabbit only.png
Rabbit only.png
Christmas Rabbit 2.png
New Years Rabbit 2018.PNG

Episode 19: 2018 in Review

Guys, real talk: 2018 was nuts. So this week, we take a look back at some of the biggest things that happened in the world of politics, law and entertainment. And trust us, we barely scratched the surface here.

 Show Notes:

2018 Winter Olympics (Wikipedia)

The New Yorker - Parkland School Shooting

Five Things We’ve Learned Since Brazil’s Devastating National Museum Fire

'Disturbing increase' in violence against journalists worldwide

Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy

Canadians bought $43M worth of marijuana in the first 2 weeks after legalization

Use cash to buy legal cannabis if you're worried about privacy, watchdog says

Case of truck driver charged in Humboldt Broncos crash adjourned until new year

Humboldt Broncos GoFundMe payments approved by Saskatoon judge

Parliament formally strips Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary Canadian citizenship

 CTV National News: Top 10 news stories of 2018

 A Canadian tweet in a Saudi king's court crosses a red line

The Creepy Genetics Behind the Golden State Killer Case

Bill Cosby Is Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Everyone Believed Larry Nassar The predatory trainer may have just taken down USA Gymnastics. How did he deceive so many for so long?

Ontario killer and rapist Paul Bernardo denied parole

Dolores O’Riordan cause of death revealed

From street kid to Pulitzer: why Kendrick Lamar deserves the prize

List of awards and nominations received by Kendrick Lamar (Wikipedia)

Grammy Award for Album of the Year (Wikipedia)

Kendrick Lamar Wins Pulitzer Prize

Kurt Cobain death-scene photos will not be released, court rules

Kurt Cobain death investigation back in Seattle courtroom

2018 Worldwide Grosses - Box Office Mojo

2018’s Biggest Box Office Bombs (YouTube)

Biggest movie flops of 2018

Winners & Nominees 2018

Academy Award Winners 2018: The Complete List

Grammys 2018 Winners: The Complete List

Celebrity Deaths 2018

Royal Wedding, 2018

The Royal Family

Royal wedding: Princess Eugenie marries Jack Brooksbank