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Not all the rabbit holes we fall down can be stretched into a full episode, but we still wanted to have a place to share with you guys the stories we found interesting! So, please enjoy all the content that didn’t make the show!

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Jacinda Ardern

Well folks, Women’s History Month is coming to an end, and so is our special series of shows and blog posts.  But, before we go, there’s one more woman we have to talk about: Jacinda Ardern.  (And, to be clear, just because the month is ending, doesn’t mean we won’t still laude amazing women, just that we get to go back to more random topics from here on out.  So, anyway…) 


Its March and this month we look at women, women how made changes, women who inspire us and other women. I’m looking at 3 women who did not make my story on this week’s show (Episode 30: Women Who Rock). Not because they were not important but because I ran out of time.

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How often do you find yourself saying, “Well, just to play the Devil’s advocate here…” when making plans, trying to settle a debate, or just to be a pompous ass?  If you’re like me, then a lot.  But what does that mean, really, to be a Devil’s advocate?  Does it mean what we seem to think it does these days? (Which is someone who argues a point to be contrary?)  Well, kind of…


For Sale: One Brooklyn Bridge

If you listened to this week’s episode than you know that a con man once sold the Eiffel Tower. You might ask yourself has there any other public building that have been the target of cons? The answer is lots, but the most popular target of con men seems to be the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Stop. Doing. Blackface.

I can’t believe it’s 2019, and this has to be said, but here it is: blackface is racist.  For fuck’s sake…. Blackface started in the 1830s in New York when white performers in ‘minstrel shows’ performed as black characters; they would darken their face with burnt cork or shoe polish, wear tattered closed, and mock enslaved Africans from the south.


2019 Fashion Trends

I am very late with my January blogs but hopefully we are back in the swing of things. I talked in the start of the year about the book, movie, and TV trends. Now I am going to look at a few fashion trends that are supposed to be popular in spring 2019.


The 12 Days of Christmas

Let’s set the record straight on this one: the 12 days of Christmas aren’t some pre-Christmas, half-advent like period in the calendar…  While the carol The 12 Days of Christmas had always been in my consciousness at this time of year, it wasn’t until I learnt more about the actual 12 days that made me think about it, and try to pick it apart.  So, in honour of the actual 12 days, this week’s blog post is about the song.  Let’s break it down.


Christmas TV Specials

Last week I did Christmas Movies, so this week I had to do tv: the specials and Christmas episodes. What is the difference you might ask? Well specials are both easy and hard…

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Christmas Movies

What I really want to talk about is Christmas movies. What makes a movie a Christmas movie, why do some really not that overly festive movies become so tied with the season? Since this is not a fact-based article, this is how I look at it, so if you have any thoughts on Christmas movies please let me know.


Don’t Pack That

The holidays are almost here, and holidays mean family, and family often means travel.  Last year, AAA expected 97.4 million Americans were going to drive to see family, while 6.4 million were going to fly.  If that’s the boat you find yourself in this year (flying), please keep in mind that air travel security isn’t relaxed just because you’re feeling festive.  And this is a message the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) felt they needed to stress earlier this week.


The Women's Royal Naval Service

Growing up as a teenager I read mostly the same book as my mom, heavy on female British authors, I remember reading about the WRNS in Rosamunde Pilcher’s novel Coming Home. WRNS were featured in a number of other books but this group of women working in the military in World War II (and I) fascinated me and stuck with me all these years.


Marie Antoinette and her Jewels

If you have a passing knowledge of the French Revolution, you must be familiar with the Diamond Necklace Affair – it was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to extravagant royal spending at a time when the nation was starving and fighting expensive wars… when a lot of jewelry, purported to be her, hit Sotheby’s auction block this month, it drew the attention of the media and the public.


Ancient Graffiti

Odds are, if you’ve ever lived or visited a city (or hey, a small town that lack excitement on Saturday nights), you’ve seen some graffiti.  Some of it is beautiful artwork, some of it is illegible jumbles, and sometimes you have to wondering why the person wasted their (and your) time putting it up.


The Poppy

November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada, a day that’s very important to me personally, so my blog post today is about one of the ways our nation takes to recognize and thank those service members who have served their country on our behalf. 


The Babadook as Gay Icon

In our last outright spooky blog post for this Halloween season, I wanted to follow-up on a Tweet I saw a couple of weeks ago (which of course I now can’t find) about how wild 2018 is because the Babadook is now the internet’s favourite gay icon.  I was as intrigued as I was here for it. 


Canadian Witch Trials

I wanted to do the Halloween episode on Canadian Witch trials, only it turns out there were not a lot of them nor are they as horrific as the trials in New England, England, Scotland or Spain. It turns out even back in the day we were chiller about witchcraft than our homeland or neighbours to the south.


Death Masks and Photography

Let’s stick with the creepy theme for October, and today look at the phenomenon of death masks and death photography.  If you’re squeamish, be prepared to feel uncomfortable. But, like, don’t stop reading or anything. Just buckle up.


Odd Wellness Trends

For my first blog post I wanted to tie in to my topic on this week’s episode (Episode 7: Wait, What?), wellness and the crazy trends that come with it. I was looking in to the craziest trends in wellness in 2018, and a few stuck out to me.

hay-bath (1).jpg

Old Ottawa Jail

It’s October, which is basically just 30 Day of Pre-Halloween shenanigans, so for this first blog post, I wanted to tell you guys the story of Ottawa’s most haunted over-night get away, the Old Ottawa Jail, which is now a hostel.