2019 Fashion Trends

I am very late with my January blogs but hopefully we are back in the swing of things. I talked in the start of the year about the book, movie, and TV trends. Now I am going to look at a few fashion trends that are supposed to be popular in spring 2019.


Over-Sized Hats

Finally, my over-sized gardening hat are cool. This trend started in summer 2018 but more designers have hopped on the band wagon for 2019.


Apparently tie dye is back, why I don’t know. It is being touted as not the tie dye of old, but to me it looks the same. I guess those old dead heads will be trendy again.


From the 60’s we go to the 80’s, and the bright colours of Neon is coming back. Spotted on a number of runways, if you are looking to stand out or just blind people this is for you.



Maybe to balance out all that colour one of the top trends is apparently going to be beige. From head to toe. Not just for coats and pants this colour is getting a new lease on life by being renamed such delightful things such as contemporary oatmeal.

So for the people who are trendy (which we are not) this is not new and they will be wearing there neon tie dye with pride. I will be over here happy that my huge vacation/gardening hat is now cool.

Have a great week!



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